Will My Commissioned Painting Be Sold As A Print?

28 Jun 2017

As you know, as well as selling original paintings, I also sell limited edition prints of my work. This means that more people can enjoy my work at more affordable prices than the originals. I also do watercolour commissions for customers and it occured to me that you may think that I will sell prints of these commissioned pieces.

This is not the case with the commissioned paintings and the commissioned cards. When you commission a watercolour painting from me, it is a one-off, unique piece of art.

The same applies to a commissioned card. The design may be replicated, but is hand drawn or painted, making it unique.

I also tend to just photograph your piece of art as the whole product to show the design for marketing purposes. This is no good for making prints from.

So rest assured, if you commission a painting or a card, you are getting the only copy of it.

If you'd like to commission a piece of art then ring me on 0191 2864014 or email me gillian@gilliancrossphotography.co.uk to discuss your requirements.

Below are an A5 card for a naming day and a 10x8 painting in a 12x10 mount for a wedding gift.


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