The well at Quinta da Regaleira, Portugal

21 Aug 2018

As you've read in my previous posts about sketching in Portugal, I didn't get to sketch every place that we visited. With this in mind, I've started a series of paintings which kind of fills in the gaps of our holiday experiences.

This first painting, I attempted twice. The first time I wanted to recreate the loose washes of my sketches without the pen lines. It didn't really work so I started again, using the same method as my sketches. I think that the pen lines work well with the lines of architecture in this painting. This painting was done from one of my photos.

This is the well at Quinta da Regaleira in Sintra.

We parked in Sintra and found Parque da Liberdade where we had our picnic lunch. We realised that Quinta da Regaleira was within walking distance, albeit up a hill!

It was a mansion and gardens built by King Manuel I and then bought by Carvalho Monteiro in 1892. He commissioned Luigi Manini to create romantic and fantastical turrets and grottos in the gardens. We entered the well near the top and went down the staircase to the bottom, which strangely isn't water. The cylinder of the well goes into the ground, so there is a tunnel at the bottom which brings you back out at the bottom of the hill.

It wasn't as large as I thought it would be but was still fascinating. Our son was disappointed because on the photo on the leaflet, the perspective made it look like the staircase spiralled down.

The gardens had other small buildings and turrets, and the mansion was a large ornate building. It was very pleasant sitting on the terrace having a drink and an ice cream.

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