A Week in Scotland - Travel Sketching Day Two, Loch Ard

11 Sep 2018

We didn't venture very far from the holiday apartment on the first proper day in Scotland. We drove the couple of miles or so back along the only road to the car park for Loch Ard forest. Here you can do one of a number of way-marked walks through the Queen Elizabeth Forest Park.

We chose to do the Loch Ard Sculpture Trail which was the second longest walk of four at 4.5 miles. The thought was to do the short one at the end adding a further 2.5 miles but we didn't in the end. Partly because I'd worn two pairs of socks and had a blister on my toe!

The track was described as moderate, on wide gravel tracks mainly. There were some steep sections and the track narrowed beside the Loch.

We took a picnic lunch and fortunately found a big flat rock to sit on. We'd only passed one picnic bench too early and there were a distinct lack of benches. Anyway, the view was lovely across the Loch. You could see the wall next to the road which led to the hotel but there was very little traffic on it. This is where I did the day's sketch, looking across to what I think was The Trossachs Adross House. Although it was sunny, the breeze was a bit chilly, especially sitting sketching.


This next photo was the lovely view from the previous picnic bench where we had a snack. This was a mini-loch called Lochan a'Ghleannain.


After our walk, we continued driving into Aberfoyle to get food supplies then returned to the apartment to have a swim in the pool.

If you missed the first day in the series, you can read it here - A Week in Scotland - Travel Sketching Day One


Beautiful job with the loch and hillside. I think you caught the lighting very well, and the colors...delightful!

Thank you Linda :-)


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