A Week in Portugal - Travel Sketching Day Two

11 Jun 2018

Technically, it was day three for us as on day two we visited the beautiful gardens of Quinta da Regaleira and I didn't have a chance to sketch. I took plenty of photos though so I will probably be painting something from that day.

So sketching day two, we visited a mostly deserted Adraga beach. It was a bit grey and windy so we turned right down the beach and tried to get a bit of shelter from a large rock. The sand was deep and very soft and the cove was closed in by fantastic rocks. I would've explored more but it did start to rain! Fortunately I did have time to paint the scene looking left down to the other side of the cove. The plan had been to visit the beach again later in the week which would have been interesting to capture the same scene with different weather and colours, but we visited a different beach instead. Being a family holiday and not a sketching holiday, I had to fit in with everyone else.

From this angle, you can't tell that the rocks a little way from the water have actually formed an arch. You can also see that I got proportions a little wrong but part of watercolour sketching is capturing the light and dark and the colours of the scene.


When we got rained off, we decided to drive down the coastal road to the seaside town of Cascais. Here we saw men actually in the process of laying the patterned cobbles on the pavement near the seafront. The weather had also cleared so we had the obligatory ice cream and sat on one of the small, sheltered beaches. While our son played near the water, I stood ankle deep in it and sketched the scene below. I usually photograph the scene that I sketch, but on this occasion I didn't. Maybe I thought this should just be portrayed in pen! I do have photos of similar rocks around the beaches so it's feasible that I can still make a painting from it. I didn't make colour notes but that's how artists used to work before photography.


If you missed day one, you can read it here and look out for day three coming soon!

Thanks for reading.

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