A week in Portugal - Travel Sketching Day Six

9 Jul 2018

Our final day in Portugal arrived way too quickly. It was set to be a sunny day so we decided to head out to a different beach, although I would've been happy to explore Adraga again.

We went to Magoito beach where you parked on the cliffs and walked down a long, curving gang-plank to get to the beach. Again, there were sheer cliffs of rock meshed over to prevent rock fall but plenty of sand and very quiet. Well, quiet except for the crashing of the waves!

So I finally got a blue sky for a beach sketch and it actually got quite hot as the day went on. The building you can see on the right in the photo, is a cafe so we headed up there after a while and had an ice cream and a drink. After sitting there for a while, contemplating whether I show draw the view, I decided to. I was facing the beach and was conscious that there may be people looking over my shoulder. I should've learnt from the Moorish Castle day (day 3) and just done it earlier. As it was, I only had the time, and felt confident, to do a pen drawing. This was looking down the beach to where we had been sitting earlier.


I really love this style of sketching, and because I was only using pen and watercolour, I was able to use both sides of the sketchbook. Therefore maximising the space! I made a resolution to go out sketching more often and I have been once since we arrived back. Even if it's once a month, I must get it in my diary. You never know what's going to happen, like my encounter at Bolam Lake!

As usual, I took lots of photos when I wan't sketching, and I'm going to paint the places I didn't get to sketch. Look out for posts about those and if you missed any previous posts, the links are below.

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