A week in Portugal - Travel Sketching Day Five

4 Jul 2018

We spent day five in Lisbon, getting the train from the station in Sintra which takes about 40 minutes. You arrive at Rossio Station. We walked through to a large square with gorgeous purple-blossomed trees.

We were headed to the tile museum - Museu do Azulejo. It had said it was a 40 minute walk, so as we walked into another large square filled with tuk-tuks, my husband suggested we take one of those instead. The driver was most helpful, telling us bits and bobs about Lisbon. I asked him if the purple trees were Jacaranda trees. They were, and apparently only blossom for one week a year. How lucky were we?

We got to the museum in one piece :-) and it was very interesting to see the different tiles. It was a fashion which came over from Spain and the Portuguese absolutely loved it. There were your traditional repeating pattern tiles, whole scenes painted onto tiles, shaped tiles and even tiles cut on a slope so they went along stair walls.

After the museum, we did walk back into the centre of Lisbon, and found a restaurant for some lunch...and port! After lunch we walked along the waterfront to a food hall. We were imaging a market full of stalls, but it was more like Greenwich market with tables in the middle and lots of food places around the outside selling meals. There is usually a market in the other half but it was closed. Possibly because it was Corpus Christi day.

As we did a lot of walking, and it was quite warm and sunny that day, I didn't get to do any sketching. When we arrived back at the holiday home, there was a lovely little bunch of flowers on our outside table. We had tea outside and I decided to paint them. The pink flower in the centre was growing around the edges of the building.


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