Three Doodles in One Blog

12 Dec 2016

I didn't have time to upload the weekend doodles to the blog so here they are today.

This first one was trying out some natural looking flowers. I loved Sprigs from day one so much and it's more realistic than a lot of stylised tangle patterns so I wanted to find some lovely flowers that I could use with it. I like all of these, although I did have to re-do one of the flowers again as I'd used too thick a pen.


This is Puffle, which I found on Pinterest. Not the straighest lines in the world. I do prefer the one at the bottom which alternates between two and three loops. The background lines were just for interest.


Today's experiment is Ruffel, again found on Pinterest. I felt that just the black lines on white didn't show up too well which is why I've coloured the background in on the one on the left. Not sure about the stripey pen and pencil effect. Quite like the shading on the last one which looks quite subtle in the photo.

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