Stumbled across my A-level art sketch book

14 Dec 2017

I was looking through the cupboards the other day for something, when I came across one of my sketchbooks from my A-level course. I had a flick through it and was pleasantly surprised at the work in it. I'll be honest, I probably only scraped through A-level art...I got an E which was only one higher than a fail. So obviously I've always thought that I wasn't the best at art.

But looking back at these sketches, I realise that the drawing was actually quite good! Maybe it was the lack of conceptual ideas that didn't get me higher marks? I've never really been about concepts though. I'm probably more illustrative. Anyway, here I am now selling paintings, prints and cards with my artwork on. So it just shows you what practise and persistence does for you...and belief. Maybe some of the belief is still lacking, but I'm getting there. As long as people still keep liking my work and supporting me, the belief will remain.

Even more important than the belief though, is the process of making art. I love painting, drawing and creating lovely things to look at.

So here are some of the sketches from my A-level book.

The owl and the swan/duck sketch was for an illustration of some poetry lines. We got the picture framed and it hung at the top of the stairs in my mum's old house. Not sure where it is now.

The motorbike was an actual bike which had been wheeled into our art room! That was interesting and I loved creating all of the shadows and highlights on the metalwork.

The other sketches were for a Futurism project. Mine was a footballer in all different positions, kicking a ball. I think I went with the coloured pencil in the end.

 I've always said I'm no good at drawing people and getting a likeness! Although that wasn't crucial with the faces below. I think I drew all of the girls faces on a large A3 piece of paper so the shading should've been more delicate around the features! 

 I've never been good at drawing hands and feet either...lots of practise needed, but these weren't too bad :-)

 I probably should make more use of my sketchbook now. I do tend to know what I want to draw or paint and go ahead with it. I guess though, that a sketchbook is useful for practising and I should probably try to carry one round with me more in 2018. To see if I do, you can always follow me on one of my social media channels:




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