Sketching in Denmark

22 Aug 2016

We've just come back from an amazing holiday to Denmark. We stayed in Copenhagen, Laven (in their lake district) and Legoland in Billund. I've taken lots of photos for painting inspiration and managed to do a little practise sketching. With a husband and 9 year old in tow it's not always easy to get the time to just sit and sketch.

These are the three sketches I managed to get finished.

The first one I drew in pencil first and then cross-hatched the shading in pen on top. It's another cabin which was like ours, except half way through drawing it I realised that ours had the steps on the other side. So not quite like ours.


The next one I sketched really quickly while we were in a bird tower on one our walks. The boys were using their binoculars so I took the opportunity. This one will probably look more interesting in colour.


This last one was drawn freehand with pen straightaway. We'd just had a picnic lunch and my son was playing in a playground. It's a boat harboured at Silkeborg.

I have another sketch which isn't finished. I took a photo of the scene, like I always do, so maybe I'll finish it some day. Although, is that cheating?

Thanks for looking. 


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