Sketching at Cliveden House, Berkshire

11 Sep 2019

Renowned for being the hotel where Meghan Markle stayed before she married Prince Harry, Cliveden House is in the care of the National Trust. We've visited once before with family who live close by. Last time we did the woodland walk up to the house but this time we had our 3 year old niece and 9 month old nephew.

The afternoon was taken up with walking to the cafe for lunch and then along the lawn, between formal gardens, to the statue at the end. Thankfully the 3 year old was quite happy running around with her cousin (our son) so I got a chance to do a quick sketch.

The facade of Cliveden House is so huge that I decided to just focus on one side of it. Apart from a few bits of the building, it's fairly symmetrical as well.


The house was designed in 1851 by Charles Barry and is a blend of the English Palladian style and the Roman Cinquecento. The high brick terrace dates from the mid-17th century.

The exterior is rendered with Roman cement and has terracotta additions like balusters, keystones, finials and capitals.


I somewhat simplified the details as I was looking at it from such a distance, and had little time, but I've still captured the repetitive arches of the windows. I feel like the whole building would be too enormous for a picture, but I like the idea of honing in on some of the details.

We also visited The Vyne and Belton House so look out for posts about them in the coming weeks!

Thanks for reading and I'd love to hear your comments.

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