Sketching at Belton House, Lincolnshire

16 Oct 2019

On our last full day in Lincolnshire, we visited another National Trust property. Belton House is an example of Carolean architecture, which refers to the decorative arts popular in England from the restoration of Charles II in 1660 to late 1680s.

The house is surrounded by formal gardens inspired by the Dutch and Italian styles and then opens up onto more informal pleasure grounds.

Sophia Cust was the first Earl Brownlow's daughter and like many ladies of the period, she enjoyed the pursuit of watercolour painting. There was a board near the mirror pond with one of her paintings and I decided to do my own verison of the mirror pond painting. Unfortunately, the weed at the end of the water obscured the reflections somewhat. There was also a nosey goose who kept waddling up to investigate what I was doing. Sitting eye-to-eye with a goose can be quite intimidating!


I think this had to be my favourite photo of the holiday. The boathouse and the pond looked so serene on this glorious day. The path went all the way round the pond and we found a seat to sketch from on the other side.

Apart from a visit to Lincoln on the way home, that concluded our holiday for 2019. There wasn't an opportunity to sketch in Lincoln but I may get round to drawing or painting from one of my photos one of these days.

As of yet, we haven't planned next year's holiday...I wonder where we'll end up going?

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