Ideas for my next colouring book

13 Feb 2019

As I'm eagerly awaiting my new Minecraft inspired colouring book proof, I'm planning the next in the series of location colouring books.

I loved doing the Italy and the Canada ones, as I love travelling to new places and seeing the scenery. My next book was going to be Norway but people have been asking if I'll do a book of the North East. It seems like the most logical thing to do. My local scenes cards are always popular so a colouring book should be.

So I now need to trawl through my photos finding scenes to make into designs. I'll probably do some obvious ones like the Baltic Flour Mill and St Mary's Lighthouse, but I do also want to add in some places that we like to visit as a family as well. I won't call them hidden gems as some people will know about them but they may not be obvious.

Like this view of the bridge at Plessey Woods.


I have started on one design and this is a detail from it. The boathouse at the China Pond at Wallington Hall.


If you have any favourite places in the North East that you'd like to see in a colouring book I'd love to hear your ideas in the comments. You can also subscribe to my newsletter to get monthly updates about the colouring book and my other work.

Thanks for reading!

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