Sketching at The Vyne, Basingstoke

17 Sep 2019

Another day, another National Trust property to visit. This time we drove a little further afield from Maidenhead to visit The Vyne near Baskingstoke.

It's a lovely Tudor house, built of mellow brick, in 1500-1520 for the Lord Chamberlain to Henry VIII at the time. It later passed into the hands of the Chute family who still own it now.

The Chute family also had in their possession a large, gold ring which a farmer had found in a field. A few decades later, a "curse tablet" was found at a Roman site in Gloucestershire, locally known as Dwarf's Hill. An archaeologist, Sir Mortimer Wheeler, spotted the connection between the ring and the tablet. He asked his good friend J.R.R.Tolkien to inspect the relics.

It was thought that the ring, the tablet, the curse and the odd name of a god on the tablet inspired Tolkien to write "The Lord of the Rings".

I loved the colours of the brickwork and chose just the end part of the house to paint. I like the way the tree branch sweeps in front of the view of the building.



I must admit that I rushed the black lines which represented the black contrast bricks in the walls, but it gives an impression of this unusual pattern in the building.

The other side of the house was pretty as well so I've snapped some photos on my phone and may get around to doing paintings of those too.


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