Contour landscape watercolour classes at The Emporium, Prudhoe

25 Sep 2019

I've just had an excellent series of watercolour classes at The Emporium in Prudhoe. An Introduction to Watercolour taught some basic techniques and students painted an A5 sized card in a contour landscape style. Most of the students were beginners and everyone was thrilled with what they had produced.

The idea of the contour paintings is to explore tones of dark to light in the watercolour paint. Rolling landscapes are best to draw inspiration from and we did this by searching for images online, or some students brought a photo to work from like the two examples below.



The lady drawing the lines on her finished painting, actually came to two classes. She felt after the first go (the purple sky on the right), that she had a better idea of what she needed to do next time. So she came back to hone her new-found skill to complete a slightly more complicated scene. King Edward's Bay at Tynemouth priory - the image above.


Not only were the students all thrilled with their paintings, I was too! I love seeing people produce work that they are surprised by and proud of. I get so much pleasure out of painting and I'm happy when I can share that feeling with other people.

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