A week in Scotland - Travel sketching day four, Loch Lomond

25 Sep 2018

It was a bit grey and drizzly on the fourth morning but we still headed out in the car to drive to Loch Lomond.

You can't actually drive around the Loch but you can drive up the west side of it. We got out at Luss which is supposed to be the most picturesque village in Scotland. There were some pretty bungalows and a few food places, but not much at the Loch-side. Besides, it was too drizzly to stop and sketch.

We carried on up to Tarbet where we thought we'd be able to get something to eat. Turns out that Tarbet is very small, on a junction. But I had seen a sign for a pub which I'd noticed on google when doing some research. So we drove down a road away from the Loch following these signs. It seemed to be taking us on a road curving round to the south which was getting further from where we wanted to end up. Just when we weren't sure how much further it would be, The Village Inn appeared. It's in a town called Arrochar, overlooking Loch Long which actually ends in the sea.

We had a lovely meal there and then back-tracked to Tarbet and continued up the west side of Loch Lomond.

We stopped at Inveruglas where there is a car park, toilets, a small cafe and a viewpoint. It had just about stopped raining so I did these two sketches at the viewpoint. It was quite warm when the sun came out!

I did exaggerate the grey clouds in this first sketch a bit.


I switched view for this second sketch. I had wanted to include the building in the foreground but started too big with the mountain! It did start spitting with rain again while this was drying. I like the effect the rain drops have had on the painting, as you can see better on the right hand area in the image below.


As you can see, the viewpoint was quite handy as a work space while I sketched! Husband and son were quite happy sitting on the steps reading which is why I got two sketches in.


We continued to drive up the west side of the Loch and then the road goes east and through some of the Highlands. It was very pretty scenery and we went past lots of smaller Lochs. We didn't stop anywhere else as the tyre pressure gauge started beeping and husband was anxious to go and check it. Which we did at the petrol station in Aberfoyle.

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Love the story and the two sketches. What a wonderful day that must havebeen!!!

Thanks Linda, it was a lovely day and I didn't mention it in the article but it was our wedding anniversary that day!

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