Always Getting Better

14 Oct 2015

As an artist, I am always developing - the more I paint, the more confident I get. Which is why I am re-painting some of my earlier work such as this elephant decorating a Christmas tree. This was the first of the elephant series of paintings that I did last year. I subsequently painted the elephant with presents and the elephant in the tutu. These were more realistic elephants and made the first one, although cute, a little cartoon-like.

Here's a sneak peek of the new Christmas tree elephant - even the tree is much better! And it fits in better with the other two paintings in the series, don't you agree? The one on the left is the painting I did last year, the one on the right is the new one.

These are the two paintings in the series that came after. They all go together so much better.

It's funny, because the Christmas tree elephant was the first time I'd ever painted anything like it and I was really pleased with it at the time. But I'm even more pleased with the new one, and that just shows that we are always continually learning and improving.

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