Watercolour commission ~ Vernazza, Cinque Terre, Italy

22 Nov 2018

This painting was commissioned by the customer as a birthday present for her husband. They had visited the Cinque Terre in Italy on a family holiday. These are five towns perched on the Italian Riveria coastline, some of which are only accessible by foot. The typical mediterranean colours of the buildings and the water were important in portraying this view of the harbour in Vernazza.

Usually I don't do a colour sample to begin with...I just try colours on my scrap piece of watercolour paper...but because the colour tones were so important here I decided to try some different combinations out. For the water I ended up using the cerulean and viridian mix, with a tiny bit of light green. For the buildings I opted for rose madder and deep yellow.


The photo below was a work in progress picture to show the customer. I made the colours of the buildings more vibrant and added the details. I always find that adding the windows last really brings the painting to life.


The final painting in it's mount. I love the colours and the swirly effect in the water of the harbour. The customer was really pleased with the colours!


If you would like to commission a special gift for someone, then you can get more information here - watercolour commissions.

Thank you for reading!

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