Doodle December

20 Nov 2015

Last month, I missed "Inktober" - you draw something in ink each day of the month. So when I was surfing the internet the other day, I came across the words "Doodle December". I assumed that this was a similar concept - draw one doodle a day, zentangle, mandala or pattern. After further research, it seems that it's not a widely recognised concept. Even so, I've decided to give it a go. I've made a little book, 10cm square with 31 pages and a cover.

The idea is to draw a pen doodle every day in December. I mentioned zentangles and mandalas. Here's an explaination of each.

A Zentangle is a small work of unplanned, abstract black and white art. You use a specific method to create them and the process of making them is as important as the finished work. You draw a 9cm square. This can be done in pencil, as can the "string" which is a freeform shape into which you draw your patterns in pen which are called "tangles". Shading can be added in pencil to create depth. It's all freehand - no rulers! For examples and more information visit TanglePatterns.

Mandalas are mainly circular patterns constructed around one centre point from which an array of symbols, shapes and forms emanate. You draw a series of circles around the centre point and divide the circles into equal sections. Repeat your pattern in each section. Repetition is a key element in creating a mandala. I draw the pattern out first in pencil and then colour it in and outline in pen. For more information visit Art is Fun.

Of course, on some days I could just doodle, taking inspiration from the things around me. I'm expecting some Christmassy pictures.

My eight year old son saw my little book and loved the idea so I've made him one as well. I'm looking forward to sharing the challenge of one drawing a day with him. The beauty of it is that they are small and portable. I think the biggest challenge will be remembering to photograph and post the pictures every day but I'll try!

If you want to have a go you don't have to make a special book. You could just do a little doodle in the corner of your diary, use a notebook or use separate sheets of paper and staple them together.

Remember, it's the process of the drawing as much as what you produce. Have fun!

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