Art plans for 2019

16 Jan 2019

Here we are, halfway through January already! One of my aims for 2019 is to regularly post an art blog and send out newsletters. So what better way to start than by outlining some of the art plans I have for the year. This is also a great way for me to look back later in the year to see if I've achieved any of them.

I'm currently working on the first project...a minecraft-inspired colouring book. I love playing minecraft with my son and it's a little known fact that we have a YouTube channel where we share minecraft videos. I've come across a brilliant community of people who play minecraft and who love art so it made sense to make this colouring book. After this one, I'd like to design a North East scenes colouring book. I also have an idea for another book but I'm keeping that under wraps for now.

At the end of last year, I was working on some new pieces of work to submit to a gallery. I have yet to put them into digital format so I need to get onto this fairly soon! I'm also always looking for new shops to stock my work. Unfortunately, one of the lovely independent shops I'm currently in is no longer finding trading viable so is closing. It's always a shame when this happens as small shops are so vital for our communtities.

If you didn't know, I also have a photography and art YouTube channel where I post videos of drawing and painting timelapses. It's my plan to make some tutorial type videos on there as well, so if there's anything that you'd like to learn just let me know! There should be some inspiration for colouring the Scenes of the Canadian Rockies book on there soon too. Linking in with the tutorials, I will continue to make workshops available as well. 


I've been looking at my RedBubble portfolio as well. Adding new work and making sure the range on there is up to date. There are so many products available, it can be quite overwhelming choosing what to offer. Below is just a small selection of what's on offer.

After looking through everything that I'd like to achieve, it all looks a lot! I think I'll go and put time frames on it all. As ususal, you can follow my progress on all the social media platforms : Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

 Most importantly, I want to continue to create art which people love.

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