Preparing a colouring book

30 Jan 2019

I'm almost finished my new colouring book! Well, at least I have all of the designs drawn up which is the easy bit. Now comes lots of work at the computer and I thought I'd share with you the steps I need to go through to get to publishing.

Obviously you need an idea or a theme for a new colouring book. This one is a minecraft-inspired book. My interpretation of the structures that you can find in the game. I thought it would be easy to source pictures on the internet to work from, but they weren't always at the right angle. So I had to jump into a test world in the game, find the structures and take screenshots from good angles.

Some structures are just strange in the game, so I took inspiration from real life structures as well. I also copied trees like those you'd find in a swamp and a jungle for some realism. So, once I had collected my source material, I did pencil drawings and then went over them in pen.

Next step was to scan all of the drawings in to get them on the computer. Unfortunately there are always marks on the scans so they have to be removed. I also remove any pencil lines which haven't quite been erased.

Once the drawings have been cropped, I resize the files, put a border around them and position them onto the page. These files have to be saved as pdfs and then are made into a presentation file in the order in which they're going to appear in the book.

I also need a front and back cover. This book is different in that all of the drawings are landscape format. I'll have to work out what I'm going to do for that one, but it'll involve printing one out, colouring it in and photographing it.

Once the files are all prepared, I order a proof copy from the publishers. When I receive it and approve it, the book will be ready to sell!

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