Review of my Art in 2016

14 Dec 2016

Oh wow, 2016 has gone so quickly. Here's a look back at my art this year.

I am also a photographer and this year I made a conscious effort to split my working time efficiently between the art and the photography. Photography in the morning and art in the far as possible. It seems to have worked as my art has been recgonised more this year and I've had more sales. I've had chance to continue practising my acrylic technique and have expanded my elephants range.

Finding gift shops to stock my cards and prints has been a hit and miss affair. One shop was closing but then another took alot of my original paintings. Unfortunately, the shop in Whitley Bay which has given me the best sales is having to close at the end of the year as well so I'll be looking for new opportunities next year.

As ever, I have more ideas in my head so look out for new artwork in 2017!

Here's a look through what I've produced this year.


New elephants to add to the family - Scooter and Zumba.

This year saw me taking on watercolour commissions for the first time. The two mounted paintings were both gifts, one for a wedding and the other for an anniversary.


I had new cards and prints made from my artwork. I now have a wide range of art cards for sale.


For the acrylics I've gone bigger this year. These are 30x12 in size.

Most recently I've started doing hand drawn bookmarks so you can have an affordable little piece of art. Also, 2016 saw me enter my first art competition with the contour painting of The Cutter at Woodhorn. It didn't win but it did push me to try this style at a bigger size, the paper was A3 in size!



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