Review of 2015

5 Jan 2016

2015 was a pretty good year for me as an artist. Firstly, it saw me actually tell people that I am an artist! I had sold a few paintings here and there previously, but last year was the start of the serious business of being an artist.

The first, scary step I took was having some of my paintings displayed on the Gallery Wall at the Gosforth offices of Virgin Money.

I have also done my first few art and craft fairs selling prints and cards. While I didn't make huge amounts of sales, it was partly about getting my artwork seen by people. The reaction I got from them was really good and it helped that I got that positive feedback. My elephant prints were popular!

I was asked by a gift shop in Ryton if they could stock my hand painted cards. I've sold a few which is a great start.

Sometimes it's hard to make the time to paint, especially as I'm a photographer as well, so my challenge of "Doodle December" was really fun last month. There was only one that I did on the wrong day but all of the others I managed to do on the correct day - even if I posted them a day late. It was all about staying creative and having a few moments in each busy day to stop and just doodle. I have had a couple of ideas for pieces of work from it as well. You can see all of the doodles together best on my facebook page.

2015 saw me trying some abstract work and using acrylic paints again. I really enjoyed both different styles and I'm looking forward to doing some canvases in 2016 - especially as I got a super-duper stay wet acrylic palette for Christmas. I even had time over the festive break to use the palette and I'll share that painting with you next week!

So 2016 will see me getting my work into more shops, doing some more fairs - maybe even an exhibition - and more painting. Acrylics, abstract and I have a new idea for another watercolour in the elephants series.

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Thanks, Gillian.


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