A plan for 2018 - Paintings of Norway

16 Jan 2018

Here we are halfway through January and I've thought of a plan for my artwork in 2018. I usually get ideas and do them as they come along. Although last year I started with the colouring book and stuck to that until it was finished!

Following on from my sketching successes in Norway last year, I've decided to do a series of watercolour paintings of Norway. I've already done a few paintings to start me on my way.

This painting is from one of the watercolour sketches that I did on the island of Herdla. I also took a photo of the scene for reference. Unfortunately, this photo doesn't do the colours and subtleties of the paint any good, but you get the idea!

I kept a fairly loose style for the greenery and kept the detail to the amazingly smooth rocks on the shoreline.


This next one was a bit of an experiment with pva glue and salt. These materials have created some more texture. It's also a more absract style which I think has worked really well. This is taken from a photo of the wall of rock in Osterfjord. I love how it feels really magical.


This last painting is only small. It's actually of the colourful reflections of the icon buildings on Bryggen wharf in Bergen. There were amazing reflections one evening and I photographed the whole scene with the buildings as well. But I zoomed in on the reflections and I loved how the colours were absracted so I painted it!


I'm really looking forward to producing some more paintings of our trip to Norway, and you never know, I might be able to exhibit them all together somewhere!

Look out for more news soon.





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