Norwegian Boat Watercolour Painting

22 May 2018

This latest Norway collection painting has been propped up on my mantelpiece for the longest time, waiting for me to decide if it's finished or not. I have decided that it is.

It took me a while to get the position of the boat correct in the inital drawing and I ended up doing it with the board on the floor so I was over the paper instead of looking across it. When I was putting the wash on for the large tree in the background, I had great fun dragging and flicking the paint upwards to create branches.

The boat is the main focal point so the background and the foreground are fairly loose. I like the addition of the grasses in the foreground on the left as otherwise, the painting would be too empty on that side. As usual, this was painted from a photo so the composition was spot on to begin with, although I added some ground into the right hand foreground.

This painting is currently called "Norwegian Boat"...I am useless at thinking up imaginative names, so if you have any suggestions I'd be glad to hear them!

Once mounted, this painting will 12x8 in approx 18x14 mount for £56

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