My Art Review of 2017

Another year over so here I am doing my art review of 2017!

Looking back at the art I've produced this year, it's been mainly illustrative. I have done a few paintings but just didn't get round to photographing them and preparing the photos. Something I'll have to change for next year!

It's been a year filled with colouring books, card commissions and more sketching.

Colouring Books

Early in the year I was thrilled to self publish my first colouring book "Flower Garden". I followed that one closely with "Flower Doodles". It took more time to draw the designs for my latest book, "Scenes of Italy" as I was working from photographs and trying to get the scenes to look correct. I'm really pleased with how all of the books have been received and still have ideas for more.



Card commissions were very popular this year, with repeat custom which was lovely. One lady ordered this naming day card early on in the year and then ordered a Sapphire Wedding Anniversary card during the summer. You can see the cards I've done on my facebook page, as this is the only one I can find on my computer! That's the trouble with using a mixture of my camera and my phone.

I was also commissioned to paint a wedding venue for a first wedding anniversary present. The beautiful Lodore Falls Hotel in the Lake District. A perfect present for the "paper" anniversary.

Art Workshop

Exciting, I was asked to do a workshop with some year 8 pupils doing their Art Award Bronze. They produced some fantastic abstract contour paintings and you can read more about our day here. I have been thinking about delivering workshops for small groups of people and plans are in the pipeline to do so next year.


Inspirational Quotes

Carrying on with the illustration, I did some inspirational quote pictures - I've met a lot of people who run their own businesses and everyone loves a quote to keep them going! This led onto producing new products - stickers and notebooks. Also I did the gift envelope stickers which make a plain envelope look nicer when you're giving vouchers or tickets as gifts.

Doing More Sketching

I decided before our holiday, to try some watercolour sketching on the go. I prepared a travel kit and took a sketchbook with me on holiday. It was great practice and something I'm hoping to do more often next year. I have actually painted a watercolour of the scene I'm sketching below, since coming home, but haven't sorted out the digital file yet.


Painting in an Exhibition

Excitingly, Felton's Gallery 45 asked me to put my watercolour painting "View to The Cheviots" into their summer exhibition of Northumbrian landscapes.

I also designed an album cover for my husband's "Ebb and Flow" music album which is on itunes, Amazon and spotify!



Watercolour Painting

I did do a few watercolour paintings this year. Improving on an iris painting I did a few years ago, and making cards from offcuts of watercolour paper and the remains of my paint palette. I don't like waste :-)

I also tried a new collage-type technique with a pressed leaf. Using PVA glue and salt to create some textures.

Very early in the year I created a new Christmas card using illustration and watercolours - Poinsettia and Berries. The idea is to do one design for each season. I have an idea for the spring one but haven't got round to doing it. As usual, I have so many ideas in my head!

My new acrylic paintings this year were the flower fusions. Combining the illustrative element with painting.

So another busy year and lots of new plans for next year, including possibly submitting work to another exhibition and trying to get some workshops organised.

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Thank you for reading and I hope you have a fabulous 2018!





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