More Catching Up

29 Dec 2016

Another few doodles to catch you up on but not many days left to go.


This one was done on Christmas Eve, a Zentangle using previous patterns. Included here are Binda, Drupe, Flux, D-Rua and Drawave. Feeling the Christmas Eve love.


On Christmas Day I decided to go for holly and winter berries. I love the natural, organic nature of these doodles.


Boxing Day was our second day of entertaining family and I was definitely feeling the love. I decided to try some different heart-shaped patterns. Heartrope worked better in the smaller, second one.


Another practise day sees Organic, Yuma, Gotcha and Fe-ba. I'm going to try Yuma again with more space as it was the last one squeezed in here. Really love Gotcha.

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