Looking Forward to 2017

20 Dec 2016

I hope you've all enjoyed the New Year celebrations. Now that I've reviewed my achievements and my art from 2016, it's time to look forward to 2017.

In 2016 I actively promoted my work more, and had more time to produce new work. In 2017 I'm hoping to make even more artwork, in coherent collections! I do tend to flit from one style of work to another. Doing a doodle every day during December makes me want to produce some downloadable colouring sheets.

I will be looking for some more gift shops to sell my cards and prints, and I am hoping to expand my range of merchandise. Maybe including notebooks.

I currently have artwork on RedBubble, which includes photography but I am thinking of just concentrating on the artwork here.

So, lots to do this year - mainly getting my artwork out there and selling it!

As well as sharing my plans with you, I'd like to thank you for your support. I love to create, but it's such an honour to be able to share my work with other people who appreciate it.

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