Last Doodles of Doodle December 2016

1 Jan 2017

This year's Doodle December has been fun. More structured than last year when I came up with the idea. I didn't really have the skills to do anything great last year. By focusing on practising different tangle patterns this year, I have come up with something infinitely better and I'm really pleased with the results.

I also have learnt that I love scrolling, flowing organic lines and will carry that into my artwork.

I am hoping to produce some art which will be available as colouring downloads so look out for that this year!

So here are the final few doodles of Doodle December 2016


This is Ansu which is great either as a cluster, like a flower, or as a ribbon.


On the 29th, I decided to try a Zentangle with a string picked from I'm not sure about how it's come out. The oval shapes look a bit dis-jointed from the background, but I suppose it does look a bit like a butterfly.


With only two days left, I decided to practise as many tangles as I could get on the square! Two different versions of Rashell, Ilana, which I love (and have used in a Zentangle since), Fleavy, which needs a bit of refining and Sindoo, which again needs a bit of practise.

I think that I chose all of these from the top carousel of images on Tangle Patterns. Whatever came up as the first image was the one I was going to attempt.


I kind of had the same way of picking these last ones as the day before. The last image was the one I was doing. I also wanted to have a few, small background patterns in there as I think that will help to tie the overall Zentangle patterns together.

My squares were a bit too small to have three three triangles in the Zonked pattern so I need to have another go at that one. I love El Prado, it fits in with the natural, organic feel that I like. I think that Flourish would look good as one flower on it's own. Or maybe it just needs some shading. Arckles is quite versatile in that you could have a few variations.

I was happy with the filler to use them in a Zentangle!

My aim now is to build up a library of my favourite patterns in a book, including the step-outs, so I have a resource to hand when I need it.

If you've been inspired, you can visit the Zentangle website for more information and of course has a plethora of tangles for you to try. The main thing is to enjoy the creative process! 

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