How My Travel Sketchbook is Coming Along

26 Aug 2017

I thought I'd give you an update of how my travel sketchbook is working out. Things didn't start too well when I realised I should've counted the pages in the shop - there were only 27 instead of 30!

Anyway, the sketchbook pages are 250gsm/ 169lb and suitable for mixed media.

The first couple of sketches I did were watercolours. The paper has a slightly different quality to the usual watercolour paper that I use but it seemed to hold it's flatness and didn't buckle after drying.

On the days where it wasn't practical to get the watercolour sketch kit out, I was doing pencil sketches. I know that some artists like to sketch on a slightly textured paper but I do prefer a flat paper. I find that the texture tends to blunt my pencil too quickly and I can't get the sharp, dark shades that I like. I found that I had to go over the original sketch with a darker pencil afterwards to get some darker tones.

Most days I took a couple of photos on my phone to paint later at the holiday home. Not ideal as I find the screen too small, but still getting a piece in every day. Anyway, here are a few of the sketches that I have done.


Watercolour - simple blocks of colour and tone. I learnt that this was the key with watercolour. I was putting too much detail in some of the watercolour sketches that I was doing. I love detail but I do want to keep my watercolour painting very loose as well.


This is a pencil sketch. I've just noticed that I forgot to shade in the heart-shaped holes in the shutters! I'll have to do that when I've finished writing this! On some of the days I wrote a little bit about the light, and in this case I described a bit about the function of the building I have drawn.


This piece is mixed media - watercolour and pen. It was painted as the sun was setting so I didn't have much light and was kind of guessing at the colours in the fading light. The paper was good for drawing on in pen and it also allowed for wet in wet paint to merge nicely.

All in all, a nice sketchbook for watercolours and better for pen than pencil. I even found it easier writing in pen rather than pencil.

I did manage to do a sketch every day, apart from the last day, and I'll post some articles about the rest of our adventure in the weeks to come. If you don't want to miss any of them, then sign up for my newsletter below to keep up to date!

Thanks for reading.

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