Houses on Osterfjorden

12 Mar 2018

For this next painting in my Norway collection series, I chose a photo that I'd taken on a boat trip on Osterfjorden.

I wanted to show the massive scale of the rocks rising out of the water, in comparision to the tiny dwellings on the banks of the fjord.

This was painted in a very loose style, with mininal detail. What detail I did add, was in the houses to make them stand out a little when you view the painting from a distance. This took a few attempts to do, slowly darkening the area around the houses without losing the brightness of the surrounding grass.

I like the fact that you have to get up close to this painting to see the subtle reflections of the buildings in the water.

I'm now looking forward to choosing the next scene to paint! You can follow my progress on any of the social media platforms - Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

Thank you for reading.

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