Four Doodles in One Day

19 Dec 2016

It's been a busy weekend so I've had to wait to post the last four doodles. I promise they were taken on the designated days - you can check this out on Instagram or Facebook if you like.

Anyway, Friday saw a not so good attempt at freeform Narwal. I added the dots in the hope of salvaging it. The ribbons and seaweed type bit helped a bit, but not much!


Saturday was better. This is Scrolled Feather, although I did an extra curl on one of the lower fronds. A bit of practise needed but overall quite nice. I like the little curls on the end of the curly things.


This is a continuous line tangle called D'Rua. I think they look like little ghosts or angels all clustered together. I can hear them going "aaaahhhh" in a sing-song voice now. I added some of the little leafy curls as well.


Today I attempted Narwal again. This time I didn't do it freeform but used pencil to determine the shape. The one with the closer structure worked better. Even more practise I think! I added some Jelly Legs and Cruffle - loved the pattern and the name (although I only used half cruffles in this).

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