Doodle December 2017

5 Dec 2017

December is well and truly upon us again. I'm doing Doodle December again this year and as usual, catching up with it here on the blog. If you're on social media, I'm posting the new doodles every day on Facebook and Instagram so see them first there!

Anyway, here are the first three days and the front cover. Last year I had a theme to practise new tangle patterns. This year there's a theme developing of drawing flowers. I cut a whole load of flower pictures from gardening magazines earlier this year and haven't used them as reference yet so thought this was an ideal opportunity.

The first three days were pinks, berries and then cistus flowers.

The cistus flowers are a progression of trying out different ways to draw them. I started off with quite geometric shapes on the petals to get that dark colouring but didn't like it. I much prefer the short pen marks so I covered the rest of the page with the flowers that I was happiest with.

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