Brand New Handmade Cards

14 Jul 2017

I am never one to waste anything (some could call me a hoarder), so I've had great fun creating these cute hand painted and drawn cards from scraps of watercolour paper. I also wanted to use up the remaining paint on my palette. It's always good practice to wash your palette so it's fresh for the next painting project, but I hate wasting paint! So I decided to have a play with the colours I was left with and create some unique cards.

I have drawn some imagined landscapes over some of the paint effects, and played around with some doodles on another. The mountain landscape, I decided to just leave as it is.

As the pieces are on small scraps of watercolour paper, I've mounted them onto card. As the card is dark, each one has a paper insert stuck into it so you don't have to go hunting for a silver or gold pen for your writing to show up!

Each card is approximately 10.5 cm square and comes with an envelope. £3 each or 2 for £5 plus p+p. Please contact me to buy stating which ones you'd like.

Don't forget, these are unique, handmade cards - no other card will be exactly the same as these!

***Please note that top left and bottom right have been sold***



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