Artist in Residence, School Workshop

3 May 2017

Yesterday I was priviledged to have been asked to be artist in residence for some Year 8 children doing their Art Award bronze level at a Middle School in Seaton Delaval.

I was there all day to talk to the children about being an artist and to tell them how I create my abstract contour paintings. I showed them some prints of the abstract paintings and some cards of my other work. They asked me a few questions such as how long I'd been an artist and what my favourite painting was that I'd done. That was a good question! I don't have a favourite, so I showed them a few that I particularly like. Such as the elephant in a tutu and the St Mary's lighthouse watercolour.

I demonstrated how to do some sketches on paper to decide which composition they would like to choose. From some landscape photos that we'd printed out, the children chose what landscape they would like to depict.

After choosing a composition, I drew my picture out onto watercolour paper and demonstrated how to use the paints. They don't work in watercolour so it was all totally new for them.

My time was then split between helping them and trying to get my piece done. I had decided to experiment with painting in unrealistic colours, pinks and purples for a landscape.

At the end we had a group photo holding all of our work. It was really interesting to see everyone's different perspective of the same technique. All of the children's work was excellent and I hope it helped them towards passing their award. Hopefully I'll find out and I'll let you know!

In the meantime, here are some photos that I took on my phone during the day.

 Sketches and transferring the image.

Trying different compositions.

 Starting to paint.


Some of the finished paintings, which I'm sure you'll agree are excellent!

If you'd like to discuss holding a workshop please call me on 0191 2864014 for prices.


A lovely day ! Thank you so much for working with the children. They are truly inspired !!

You're welcome Clair. I had an inspiring time too!


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