60th Wedding Anniversary Gift

26 Jan 2017

My first commission this year was a personal one. My Auntie and Uncle celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary last week. They were due to have a party so I was going to paint a watercolour and frame it as a gift from me, my mum and my brother.

Unfortunately, because they had just moved away from the area, and both have health issues (my Uncle has Parkinson's), the party was cancelled. This was such a shame as I haven't seen many of my cousins for years as they all live in the Essex area.

It also meant that we had a change of thought for the gift. I wasn't keen on posting a framed picture. So I painted the church where they got married, onto a 10x8 watercolour card. Now they have the option of mounting and framing it in their own choice of frame.

If you'd like to send someone a specially commissioned card, it's £26 for an 8x6 painting on a 10x8 card. Email me on gillian@gilliancrossphotography.co.uk or ring 0191 2864014

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