5th Day ~ Mooka, Frost Flower and Ponio

5 Dec 2016

Today I decided to break the constrains of the black edged square and go wobbly on the edges. I'd come across the central string Ponio before. Frost Flower and Mooka were new to me. I found them all on tanglepatterns.com again.

Mooka was inspired by the art of Alphonse Mucha (an artist I happen to love). With a bit of practise, I think I'll master it. I love it but it's a bit wobbly at the moment! My Frost Flower is a bit regular at the moment. With Ponio, I did the outer curves in a thicker pen to make them stand out against the other patterns. I think that next time, I wouldn't do the connecting line between the circles as it spoils the flow of the three curved lines. What do you think?

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